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Nobody warns you…

that choosing to be in a creative industry can be hell. Okay, maybe they did but I wasn’t going to listen because I was born to be a maker. In a creative business there are no regular hours or pay cheque and definitely … Continue reading

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If you will permit me I wish to indulgence is a small act of hubris. In my kitchen there is a small bowl which is in constant use. This was one of the very first ceramic objects I made back … Continue reading

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Look, no dust…….

Pardon about the radio silence but I’ve had my ‘making hat’ on and there hasn’t been much time left to say hello to you all. Hello. You’ve all seen photos of my shed where all the grotty tasks (and there … Continue reading

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Unsung Heroes…. I want to read about them.

Today I wanted to write about a subject that is constantly being raised amongst my creative friends. We become frustrated, disillusioned and despondent about our chosen paths when we read in magazine articles or blogs about the instant and meteoric rise … Continue reading

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Fire Away (no need to dial 000)…..

It was a miserable wet Sunday in Sydney and the perfect day for firing my kiln for the first time. As many long time readers of my blog will know this has been a long time coming. I bought this kiln … Continue reading

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Man bag ? I think not….

The other day I was listening to a radio program which was devoting an hour to discussing gender neutrality. What it means and where it’s at in the 21st Century. Various people rang in mainly discussing their children; little boys who wanted … Continue reading

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Feeding the beast…

When you are an artist running a creative business you wear many hats. Some of them exciting – making floating mosaics and blackfired vessels and other onerous but necessary. One of those task is feeding the beast that is social media. This … Continue reading

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