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To bead or not to bead…

that is never the question. The question is “What sort of bead is that?” With the rise and rise of polymer clay jewellery I am often asked by my clients “What’s the difference and why do I have to pay … Continue reading

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Man bag ? I think not….

The other day I was listening to a radio program which was devoting an hour to discussing gender neutrality. What it means and where it’s at in the 21st Century. Various people rang in mainly discussing their children; little boys who wanted … Continue reading

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Eco-Dyed Purses and Pouches

Reach into your bag and find your cotton purse which is imbued with nature. Your fingers gently caress the maple leaves which are printed on its surface and you smell the faint scent of Lilly Pilly and Eucalyptus. As you hold … Continue reading

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When is it too late…

I’m watching a popular cooking show which features contestants battling it out in team challenges, using ingredients from a mystery box to create restaurant quality food and every week 3 of them face an elimination round where at the end one of them hangs … Continue reading

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If it were bricks and mortar….

my little Etsy shop would have cob webs in the corner and the faint malodorous scent of a bored sales assistant. No more – those following me on Instagram would have seen the image of a kiln waiting to be … Continue reading

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Because …..

Don’t be distracted by the shopping list, or the inspirational quote (even though it’s a great one). What you are focusing on is the SALE sign. I’m having a sale. Why? BECAUSE! BECAUSE  I want to celebrate having a brand spanking … Continue reading

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It’s Nice to be Noticed…

Well lookie where I’ve turned up. Pardon the less than perfect photo but I was to excited to even try and take a good shot. Thanks so much Polly from the Manly Daily for featuring my botanically dyed scarf.

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