About me..

I am a ceramic designer and botanical dyer living on a hill in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. I aim to bring time honoured materials of clay and textiles into a modern and contemporary environment. This blog is all about my creative journey, with all it’s bumps and turns, and what inspires me to keep creating.


5 Responses to About me..

  1. Jane Lethbridge says:

    Hi Elisa, love your multi media cups – and those spoons . . . . . gives spooning a new meaning! Look forward to my buttons dropping into my mail box. Does this mean I need to get my knitting needles out, or some broadcloth on the table to transform into a garment? Or shall I let them spill across a shelf . . . .

  2. Maggie P says:

    Hi Elisa – great blog – but have been trying to email you on the addresses given and have not had any luck ! then thought of your blog – so I can send you the bumph. Thanks Maggie

  3. Hey, great to know another Sydney Northern beaches clay nut! Great blog!

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