When is it too late…

I’m watching a popular cooking show which features contestants battling it out in team challenges, using ingredients from a mystery box to create restaurant quality food and every week 3 of them face an elimination round where at the end one of them hangs up their apron and goes home.

Porcelain, black fired beaker with a leaf imprint, 2014.

Porcelain, black fired beaker with a leaf imprint, 2014.

Time was up for one of the contestants who was a young guy in his late 20s (27 to be precise). A wonderful, humble and ernest person who had the epiphany whilst on the show that becoming a chef was his life path. He said it was the clearest he had ever felt about anything and was excited to have such clarity about his future. Then he uttered words to the effect of “Better late than never, I know I’m starting late in my career but that’s ok.”.

Starting late in a career at 27? What does that mean for me who at an older age has just now discovered where my true passion lies. I’m just as excited as this young guy and putting in a lot of hard work to make my passion and my products into a viable business. In this new millenium when the first world’s population is living longer; are we still viewing age through a past prism?

Elisa Bartels, Large porcelain, blackfired bowl, 2014.

Large porcelain, blackfired bowl, 2014.

In my younger years I didn’t have the clarity that I needed to pursue my dreams. I didn’t have the personality either – I was easily distracted, impetuous and for the most part trying to be someone that didn’t feed my soul. All my experiences, my successes and many failures have led me to this point where I can say to myself, “You are not giving up, you are going to succeed at this and enjoy every part of your chosen path in life. You will enjoy it’s ups and downs; you will reconcile yourself to the sacrifices you have to make to bring this dream to fruition.”

My epiphany came at a much later stage in life than that young man’s but it is just as valid and just as exciting.

Elisa Bartels, Black fired porcelain bowl with silver markings.

Black fired porcelain bowl with silver markings, 2014.

PS: The images for this post are of my latest work. Whilst it may seem like a blatant plug (ok, maybe a little), the fragility of the object and method of firing is incompatible and I’ve had many failures before success arrived. They represent the quiet contemplation and maturity needed to solve the problem so I thought them appropriate for this post.

Blatant Plug: For those of you who have asked when they will be available I’ve just put them into my Etsy store.


About Elisa Bartels

A ceramic artist/designer and sporadic botanical dyer chatting and photographing the trials, tribulations and celebrations of being an artist who doesn't want to starve.
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4 Responses to When is it too late…

  1. Shantala says:

    Its only too late when you’ve kicked the bucket, so we all better get busy doing what we love I say! Congratulations on finding your passion and finally having the courage to pursue it. As we say at ikLe ~ Happiness comes from the heart and if it’s not made with love it’s not making anyone happy!

  2. chrismjames says:

    Blatant plugs aside They look fantastic.

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