Great Expectations…..

I have come to the conclusion (along with many notable philosophers) that expectations are the curse of humanity. No where is this more clearly illustrated than when a ceramicist opens their kiln.

You know what you expected when you closed the door (for me a black firing) and you know what you expected when you opened the door 5 days later (still a black firing). Then you unwrap the first sagar – not black, the second sagar – still not black, the third and fourth have some very unexpected colours which are beautiful in their own right but your mind is so set on expecting what has not happened that you cannot appreciate the magic you now hold.

So the next step (and the hardest) is to clear your mind of the expectation it holds and after a varying amount of time has passed go back and look afresh at the unexpected and judge your work with a clear mind.

So I now present to the you gentle reader the unexpected.

Forest Floor Series 2013

Forest Floor Series - Plate Trio

Forest Floor Series – Plate Trio

Forest Floor Plate & Bowl

Forest Floor Plate & Bowl

Forest Floor Plates

Forest Floor Plates




About Elisa Bartels

A ceramic artist/designer and sporadic botanical dyer chatting and photographing the trials, tribulations and celebrations of being an artist who doesn't want to starve.
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10 Responses to Great Expectations…..

  1. chrismjames says:

    Elisa, They look great and good on you for adapting to what you received rather than what you expected. I like the stance of the “opportunist” sometimes one realises that they have what they wanted after a little time to adapt to the new.

    I hope the display looks fabulous.

  2. Kim Bartels says:

    Hi Elisa, I think they look good as well. I like the papery quality around the edges, for want of a better description.

  3. Maggie P says:

    Elisa – Simply, I think they are beautiful, so natural looking, and do reflect your explanation and vision. Looking forward to seeing them in situ. M

  4. Vicki Grima says:

    The results are fascinating! Looking forward to seeing them in my hands. They remind me so much of your textiles dyed with natural dyes.

  5. Lisa Wilmot says:

    MMMM I can just imagine tasting a hearty soup and crusty bread in your beautiful bowl and plate. 🙂

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