One door closes…..

and the sliding door of opportunity opens

































These are particularly trying times in the New South Wales TAFE system. It would be easy to put up your hands in surrender and just walk away. Instead, after the initial shock had worn off, the teaching staff at Northern Beaches Tafe Ceramics Section have embraced change with an enthusiasm which is both comforting and exciting to me as a student of this institution.

The reason I enjoy attending the Brookvale campus of TAFE (other than the amazing facilities) is the sense of community and collaboration which is encouraged and celebrated. I have learnt as much from the fellow students as I have my teachers. After initial consultation with students @Bruce McWhinney and @Chris James have come up with a possible range of new courses and opportunities which will see the ceramics department being used to its full capacity.

There is a sense of optimism at the ability to broadcast the benefits of the Ceramic Department, and make ceramics more accessible to the wider community. This can only improve the sense of community which has been fostered by both teaching staff and students.

So folks, if you have ever been interested in dipping your toes (or should that be fingers) in the mud now is your chance.  For ‘mud virgins’ there are a range of short courses and a summer school. If you’re an ‘old pro’ with some experience in ceramics maybe the Open Studio is better suited. Either way, go here to find out the latest and join the mailing list so you don’t miss out on updates.

While you’re there have a peek at the new name. It seems I’ll be attending an ‘Academy’ next year!

Brookvale TAFE I salute you and look forward to seeing what exciting opportunities 2013 will bring.









About Elisa Bartels

A ceramic artist/designer and sporadic botanical dyer chatting and photographing the trials, tribulations and celebrations of being an artist who doesn't want to starve.
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