This little piggy went to market…

and this same little piggy went home smiling. What a fun day at Everleigh Markets. Wonderfully industrial chic surroundings and some great stalls.  There was an abundance of ceramic work all beautifully original and wonderfully handmade. Unfortunately I didn’t make it around to many as I was quite busy in my own little part of the world, chatting to people and selling my wares; but I spied some gorgeous artisan goods on my way to the toilets and back.

I shared my stall with the wonderful pig lady Callie.  I challenge anyone to not smile when looking at one her salt pigs big thank you to her wonderful partner Joe who took photos of my wares and kept me company whilst Callie was throwing pigs.  Before you call the RSPCA I meant on the wheel.  Without Joe I would have had no record of the day and so my post would have been pictureless.  Thanks a mil Joe, you’re a gem.

Before this starts sounding like an academy ward speech second last  thanks to all the people who stopped by to say hello.  It was great chatting to everyone and getting feedback on my work.  I will be re-entrying my studio with renewed enthusiasm.  Also a big thanks to Irene, a gorgeous girl who bought one of my collaborative pieces and then was so kind to feature it on her site

My last and final thanks is to Vicki at the  Association of Australian Ceramics.  Without her organising for us to be there this little piggy would have been going ‘wee wee wee all the way home’.

Everleigh Markets 6/11/11

Everleigh Markets 6/11/11


Everleigh Markets 6/11/11

Little soldiers all lined up

Evereligh Markets 6/11/11



About Elisa Bartels

A ceramic artist/designer and sporadic botanical dyer chatting and photographing the trials, tribulations and celebrations of being an artist who doesn't want to starve.
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