It’s here ….

I’m going to say this very gently so as not to alarm you. Are you ready? Ok, here goes. There are only……. 54 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!!!  Please don’t panic as you think about braving the heaving crowds in stores; racking your brain for the perfect, unique gift for all those special (and lets face it sometimes not so special) people in your life.  I have a solution for you.

Imagine a funky location, full of handmade, artisan products ranging from textiles to paper crafts with ceramics thrown in. Maybe a little crowded, but certainly no pushing and shoving.  Relax with a great cup of coffee and a little sweet nicety as you browse and talk to the makers.  Yes, the majority of us (yes, I’m including myself) do like a good natter especially when someone is interested in what we make and how we make it

If this sounds appealing come on down this Sunday to the Everleigh Artisan’s Market  The Australian Ceramics Association will be out in force with stalls brimming with a variety of ‘muddy things’ plus a few potters will be giving demonstrations on the wheelthrowing.

Over the next few days I’ll be giving you a taste of what will be at my stall.  So tell your friends, come along and as Christmas approaches you can walk around with a ‘Mona Lisa’ smile because you have found the perfect gift for everyone without breaking down in a public space.

Before you cast your eyes over my photos a little disclaimer.  An amateur photographer and poor lighting are an atrocious mix.  So my apologies if some of the photos are a bit dodgy.  2012 may be the year of organising  photography course for yours truly.

These photos are finished product of the collaboration between myself and the wonderfully, quirky Amanda

Elisa Bartels & Amanda J Taylor Collaboration

Elisa Bartels & Amanda J Taylor Collaboration



About Elisa Bartels

A ceramic artist/designer and sporadic botanical dyer chatting and photographing the trials, tribulations and celebrations of being an artist who doesn't want to starve.
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