What a harsh word for such a pleasurable experience.  My mate, Amanda Jane is an artist who doesn’t realise she’s an artist.  Maybe you know one of  those people. She seems to capture thoughts as they fly across people’s faces; some may say that she sees behind the public facade.  Which ever way you slice it her drawings are kooky, krazy and you can’t stop looking at them.

A while back I invited her to collaborate in a little project with me.  I said “Why don’t we put your faces on my beakers?” and she replied modestly  “What, really my little sketches?”  Then we spent a pleasurable afternoon going through her portfolio and deciding on the best ones.  I love it when a collaboration involves wine and  laughter.  So we find ourselves here – where’s here?  Not quite there yet but very close.  In fact so close I can smell it.  I’m hoping to reveal the finished product at the Everleigh Artisan Markets on 6 November.   Until then thought I’d titillate you with some of her little sketches.



About Elisa Bartels

A ceramic artist/designer and sporadic botanical dyer chatting and photographing the trials, tribulations and celebrations of being an artist who doesn't want to starve.
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  1. Hyacinth says:

    Oh. Wow. I cannot wait to see this collaborative work – those sketches are absolutely captivating and are going to look amazing with your work Elisa.

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